With over one-third of the hotel industry driven by the Food and Beverage sector, my concepts and talents work to improve and heighten hotel F&B dining experiences. With internal and external partnerships, it’s important to maintain a level of transparency, consistency and of course high standard that match your brand name.




With PopIntel Group, get LIVE feedback initiative and personalized quality audit services – you can meet your client’s expectations before they check-out and jump on the internet to socially damage your name.

Advantages of PopIntel Group for your luxury hospitality / restaurant property:

Pre-press trip service checks – Keep visiting journalists happy and guarantee positive reviews

Maintain benchmarks and high quality standards – Keep your staff in-check

Improve social media rankings – Yelp, Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor 





**If you have a Food and Beverage Brand and need help with content, building awareness and reaching new markets – get in touch with PoPIntel Group. Past clients include Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Swedish Tourism Board, Jamaica Tourism Board, Luxury Lodging Australia, Dairy China and France Liaisons, Health Food Brands and Cheese Organizations in Australia exporting to China



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