My clients see me as a fresh pair of eyes – safeguarding their undisputed reputation as a leader in the luxury hospitality industry


All our services COMPLEMENT internal LQA systems – from a consumer stand-point


We ask you:

What does a 5-star rating system mean?

LQA tests simply tell you – YES – you are a 5-star luxury hotel…

Ticking your boxes means you are clean and follow stock standard systems


PopIntel Group has a GLOBAL approach to ensuring your customer experience is a top priority

Service with a smile, Service with a lasting impression, Service that draws back loyal customers


I personalize all appraisals to enable you to control your front-of-house services

Preventative Control is what PopIntel Group believes in and measures for better success in F&B

Measurement programs that help you leverage above competitors to increase efficiency and services in Luxury Hospitality.


images (1)



Minimize bottlenecks, imperfections and potentially negative experiences by testing your staff, kitchen efficiency and elevating your restaurant to perfection.

Measure the loyalty and satisfaction of your residents with our independent Double-Blind Test: Sleeper Hospitality Services. Objectively measure and define crucial hospitality aspects that affect resident satisfaction. Gain insight into your service quality and articulate your vision for better returns.

In a very competitive business, restaurants are now seeking out new ways to ensure customer return. Word-of-mouth is powerful and can be both damaging and valuable to a growing business – how will you use it to your benefit? The core element and competency of my group provides the constructive feedback to critique and improve your services.

Services offered:

Constructive and Complimentary Feedback and Advice

Social media analysis and outreach compatibility

Restaurant Aesthetics, vibe and atmosphere of environment

Identification of financial drivers and dominating clientele

Strategy, advice and methodology to align the structure of the restaurant and service

Bench-marking Analysis: Comparison of client’s performance or specific areas of their performance.

Exclusivity: Analysis of competitors in the same market price

Business and Strategic Planning on market positioning and competitive strategy







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