Protect your brand against HYPOCRISY and NEGATIVITY – LIMIT Correctional Control Services by enlisting us – as your Preventative Control Expert

Already have an internal insights team? LQA in place? PERFECT

At PopIntel Group, we complement internal quality checks – through the eyes of the consumer

Your customers are REAL people, so your tests should be REAL too

All appraisals are PERSONALIZED and highly effective to help you see monitor and inspect your services

To help your brand stay ahead of the competition, PopIntel Group stays well above food and travel trends.

As the modern age traveller leans towards young Millennials, particular coming from Asia – China – we want to help bridge issues that reflect and influence your business

Generation gaps

Culture differences and 

New luxury demands

How will your loyal guests perceive your business for a return visit?


Stay well above your competition with PoPIntel Group

Understand your competitors and know what they are doing – so you can do better

Our Double-Blind Test is elusive, yet effective – We assess anything from staff performances, interaction and up-sell to ensure that your services translate

All luxury services need monitoring – let us be your eyes, ears and mouth in F&B to ensure better ROI


How we started:

PopIntel Group began changing the Restaurant and Hospitality industry, working with the top Food and Beverage brands in Asia – wanting to trade, distribute and expand into Western cultures.

PopIntel Group is a private business, so all your quality service audits are personalized, unique and tailored to meet your requirements and needs.

If you have the desire to tap into the Chinese market or need assistance in improving your luxury services, let us POP  n’ Tell what we think to help you stay ahead of the game


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