Luxury Hotels Boost Rio’s Economy #gameon

(Image of Luxury Hotel AC Hotel Marriott)

Signs of Rio de Janeiro’s recovery from economy troubles are looking better for a country known for the iconic Christ Redeemer and crowded Copacabana Beach. Luxury hotels have been sprouting up around the city, mainly in Barra da Tijuca where the affluent live in a neighbourhood almost resembling Miami in the US – condo after condo.

From a hotel perspective, just under 11,000 new hotel rooms will be up and running for the Olympics, including Trump Hotel and Grand Hyatt.

Across South America, both mid-tier and luxury hotel brands are cashing in on the Latin American market with Accor increasing their number of hotels to 400 in 163 Brazilian cities by 2020.

Marriott International will follow with the company increasing their portfolio to over 140 hotels and 30,000 rooms, which promises to increase jobs from 27,000 from 13,000 by the end of 2017. Smaller but financially capable brands like Trump Hotels and also local luxury brand, Emiliano and Fasano Hotels are hot on the heels of large chains with new hotels in the pipeline.

But why now? And what does this mean for the Brazilian people? Will the party be over once the Olympic flame burns out?

With the Olympic Stadium, International Broadcast Centre and Olympic family all situated in Barra da Tijuca, luxury hotels have sprang up almost instantaneously to meet the demands of the Olympics.

With local and international traffic expected to reach well over 150 million people, luxury hotel brands can expect full capacity during the Games with many already booked out, but what will happen once the Games finish?

Game on in the luxury hotel industry says PopIntel Group

Reasons to visit Rio?

How did the Marvelous City become such a no-go zone for tourists?

Even with the success of the World Cup in 2014, more than 1 million tourists flooding Rio de Janeiro and packing into Maracana Stadium to celebrate a worldwide sporting event, the Olympics have been somewhat controversial for all the wrong reasons.

Journalists of leading newspapers have been circling on the same negative issues, which no doubt should be taken with warning but should not deter tourists from visiting a wonderful city.

PopIntel Group is an exclusive Branding and Customer Experience Measurement Firm for Luxury Hospitality Brands


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