What your mini-bar says about your hotel

Ohhh… the hotel mini bar


Nothing says vacation then the presence of a hotel mini bar

Feel the stress roll off your shoulders the moment you open the closet door and reveal the hotel mini bar. Instantaneously feeling like Christmas Day has arrived, the mini bar is more than just snacks and booze at ridiculously high prices.

Behavioral science would suggest that the hotel mini bar serves as a brief introduction of your brand and reputation to your discerning guest. At a glance, your guest can immediately judge the level of service, calibre and class she/he will experience during her stay.

It’s important to offer a sense of comfort with well-known big F&B brands like Coke, Heineken and old friend Mr. Jack Daniels but luxury hotels are now taking the mini bar to new heights with specialty curated snacks and drinks for their VIP guests.

Luxury boutique hotels perhaps are able to be more flexible with amenities, looking for locally sourced ‘goods’ from family-run food brands to help add a sense of belonging to a new city.

Adding handpicked tea blends with the hotel brand splashed out on the tea bag is a welcoming addition for a weary traveler; handmade toffee and spiced beans in a couple of Boston boutique hotels are well received; and craft beer in Portland is a definite bonus for guests whom are lazy or simply on a business trip that doesn’t allow for much adventure-taking.

Nespresso must be pleased at being the epitome of luxury living – offering a quick and easy luxe-feeling over a boring (questionably unhygienic) tea kettle.

As the luxury Chinese travel industry slowly takes over the hospitality industry – tea kettles are perhaps making a comeback to help ease the culture gap between East and West travellers. However,  PopIntel Group’s luxury Chinese Advisory division does not see the tea kettle as an innovative tool to win over Chinese travelers or their loyalty: Chinese travelers do not actually drinking tea except during meal times or mulling over business deals – An unnecessary amenity for luxury hotel developers when it comes to understanding the Chinese people.

A specialty curated mini-bar gives your guest a sense of belonging for large chains looking for that sense of ‘belonging’ – what does your mini-bar say about your luxury hotel?


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