Outside of Affluent Chinese Travelers, Locals are new revenue-drivers


If you have an external F&B service, such as a restaurant in a luxury hotel, it’s important to stay transparent, relevant and also competitive.

With over one-third of the hotel business driven by F&B, paying particular attention to your Food services is crucial in the luxury hospitality industry.

As we see a shift from traditional ho-hum restaurants in a hotel lobby to exciting night-life and deli options, it’s easy to see today’s hotel striving for new revenue opportunities which cater to both tourists and locals alike to pay patronage to their new F&B component.

Revenue can be driven from creating public areas such as bars or lunch cafes to entice external users.

In Sweden, hotel bars are now meeting points for locals to chill and have a Friday-night drink to celebrate the beginning of the weekend or end of a brutal work week.

Even in gastro-city London, creative F&B options involving celebrity chefs now: enticing foodies to tuck in and share excellent hotel services with international travelers.

Results conducted by PopIntel Group, tourists are a little more difficult to attract and ‘keep’ in the hotel because there is an element of curiosity drawing the traveler to venture out of the hotel and into a cool laneway supper club.

It would be embarrassing to say you ate in a hotel… right? Oh faux par for the 90s traveler to eat in a restaurant hotel, but certainly not for day’s intrepid traveler with highly successful restaurant openings in hotels.

If you are a luxury hotel and considering a new Food Concept, you have options.

Option 1: Keep your restaurant simple and cater to weary travelers and locals looking for comfort food without too much fuss. It’s a place to quietly enjoy a decent meal after a long-haul flight before tomorrow’s next business meeting.

Option 2: Take a BIG risk and invest in an expensive venture by finding the latest celeb chef on the small screen to open a restaurant in your lobby – but beware, surely fans of the chef will come for a taste, but in-house guests may not ‘bite’ and book a table at your new restaurant. Travelers, unfortunately, are looking for authentic eats when traveling… there’s nothing more ‘instagrammable’ like a custard tart in Lisbon, takoyaki balls in Japan and a big slap of pizza in NY.

Need help with F&B for luxury hospitality services?

PopIntel Group caters specifically to the new-age affluent Chinese traveler.


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